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Does a social media generation gap really exist?

The second generation of the second millennium is unique from any other in history in the sense that most of its members do not remember a world without social media and the World Wide Web.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, many members of Generation X and the early bloomers of Generation Y, have had to adapt to a new world of social networking. In some cases, the new generation knows more about the technology of computers and their contents than the old generation.

The most popular social network in the world is currently Facebook, with over 1.15 billion total users, according to Digital Marketing Ramblings. To put that number into perspective, it means that about one in every seven people in the world has a Facebook.

The social network called Twitter has seen 170 billion tweets in its seven-year history, according to Digital Marketing Ramblings. Some are from celebrities, some are from teenagers, some are from employers and employees; but all of them are sent out with intent and a purpose. That intent may be dependent upon the age group of the user and Generation Update is curious to find out why.

However, many users have very different intentions when using these websites. For example, some use them to connect with their present friends while others use them to connect with friends from the past. Is this linked to a generation gap or is it something else?

Over the next five weeks, this blog will analyze five different social networks and discover how individuals of different age groups use social media and what their intent is when using it.

Check back in next week to see how members of different generations use Facebook.