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Pinterest’s creativity causes generation and gender gap

Courtesy of Creative Commons at

Courtesy of Creative Commons at

In March 2010, a new social media outlet was released. It’s intent was to allow its users to collect pins containing hobbies, interests and ideas while having the ability to organize them digitally.

It was called Pinterest.

Since its launch three years ago, Pinterest has worked its way up to a total of 70 million users, 80 percent of which are female, according to Digital Marketing Ramblings.

Eighty percent seems surprisingly high, but some believe it is accurate.

“This figure makes plenty sense,” said Faviola Berrun, a 19-year-old student at California State University, Chico. “Most things on Pinterest are ‘pinned’ by females about female things, such as baking, cooking, wedding ideas, style, jewelry, animals, beauty tips, and interior design.”

Pinterest’s official website says “no matter what you’re interested in, there’s a place for it here”, but perhaps that is not the case.

The same article by Digital Marketing Ramblings found that only 5 percent of internet-using men in the U.S. are on Pinterest.

“Not many topics would interest most men,” said Berrun.

While the gender gap is evident, the generation gap is somewhat surprising.

In America, more individuals aged 35-49 use the social network than anyone else, according to a graph on That demographic makes up 31 percent of users, though this number focuses solely on the website being logged into via computer.

When it comes to the mobile app, the 35-49 and 25-34 age groups are deadlocked, each making up 31 percent of mobile users. The younger generation — aged 18-24 — make up just 14 percent of computer users and 20 percent of mobile users.

A look at Pinterest’s website┬árevealed why that gap may exist.

The “hottest trends” right now include Incredible Luxury Homes, Uniquely Themed Restaurants, Warped Furniture, Unique Home Decor Products, Creative Lighting Ideas and Seductive Halloween Attire.

“You can plan out your wedding, party room, future house, anything really,” Berrun said.

Perhaps this is the reason for the generation gap working contradictory to most other social networks.